Monday, December 12, 2011

A Year in Review!

I always love and appreciate all the Christmas cards  that come with the year in review attached.  You know what I mean.  The page long story that reviews what the family has been up to this year.  It always brings a smile to my face but I never seem to send one from my family so here it goes:

My loving and wonderful husband accomplished so much this year.  He officially finished his PhD and is now Dr. Probst!  Not only that but he landed hid dream job at Baylor Health Care Systems working as their first and only Human Factors Engineer.  He is currently working on the new system wide armband that will be more effective for the Doctors and Nurses not to mention saving the system 80,000 a year!   We not only have a new job but a new zip code as well!  We moved from Kansas back to Texas (Plano to be exact).

Our twin daughters have had a fantastic year.  They settled into their new house seamlessly!  They were potty trained and moved to big girl beds!!!!  Their favorite toys are still books and their mommy LOVES this!  They read our first word (bat), learned to count to 30, and grown their vocabulary ten fold.  The also LOVE our new church and ask daily if it is Sunday or Wednesday.  They read the bible with their Daddy at night and are our little prayer police, reminding us before meals and bed time to say them.  Our challenge this year has not been the terrible twos but the terrible allergies :(   Audrey has tons of allergies including milk, eggs, and wheat.  Addison also has an egg allergy.  BUT I will take allergies any day of the week over those dreaded days that will come when they are 13!

As for me I could not be any luckier!  I landed the most challenging as best job I could ever ask for!  I stopped teaching to stay at home with my kiddos!  It has been the best decision of my life and I am so grateful Adam's job has afforded me this opportunity!  I am also a mere 20 miles from my best friend Stephanie.  If only Nita would move to Dallas! 

My Mom and Dad are super busy as always!  Mom accepted a job in Edmond as a second grade teacher!  It is the best decision Edmond could have ever made!  My mom is truly the best teacher I know!  My Dad is doing what he does best at Chaparral and received a new job title this year.  My brother is also working for Chaparral and has a WONDERFUL girlfriend Elise!  She is probably the sweetest person I have ever met and treats my brother so well! I give Alex a hard time about it but I expect her to be my sister in law within the next few years! 

Adam's Mom got a job in Plano as a behavior specialist (a job that she really is AMAZING at)!  She lives about a mile from us !  It has been fantastic having her here and of course the free babysitting!  Amy got married to an amazing man named Greg!  He works for the City of Fort Worth and Amy is a manager at Target!  Their wedding was beautiful and he truly makes her happy!  Plus Audrey is in love with him (children have a great sense about who is good and who is bad and Greg has passed that test with flying colors)! 

We count our blessing everyday and realize how fortunate we are.  We are blessed with the best family and friends we could ask for and thank you for being part of our lives! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Lessons our Children Teach Us

Addison gives the best hugs!!!!  The ABSOLUTE best hugs one could ever fathom.  She wraps her arms around you like you have saved her life from the big bad wolf.  Sadly I sometimes forget that these hugs are so precious and their the love behind them is pure and full of warmth. The other day Addison was playing with my rolling pin in the living room.  I have told her a million times not to play with it and that it is heavy and will give her a big boo boo. As she went to give me my rolling pin it dropped on my foot with great force.  I jumped, yelped, and sat on the floor grabbing my foot in agony.  I was mad, mad, mad... really kid... how many times have I taken the rolling pin away from you and now you drop it on my toe.  Out of the corner of my eye I see Addi coming to me wrapping her arms around me and saying, "I sorry Mommy, your foot be better soon I hug you."
How often we forget that the love of a child will heal all wombs.

We found out this week at our little Audrey is allergic to everything.  Really everything.  Her blood tests revealed that she was allergic to wheat, eggs, and milk.  And this was just her food allergies.  I felt so bad that all this time we were causing her pain by feeding her food she was allergic to.  Talk about breaking a mothers heart.  I took the girls to Whole Foods in an attempt to get her some snacks that replace the usual cookies and crackers.  I made a big deal out of the new foods and told them it was Fancy Nancy food.  Audrey ate it up and declared," Mommy this is better than candy!" You would have thought I bought her a bike!
We seldom realize that the small things mean the world to our kiddos.  

In the book of Judges the Israelites are running around the Promise Land happy, peaceful, and following a loving God..... Well at least for the first 20 verses anyways.  Then Joshua dies as does the generation that follows.  All of a sudden the Isrealites have forgotten all that the Lord has done for them like delivering them from bondage, giving them the promise land, living amongst them in the tabernacle, and keeping them safe in times of war even though they were up against rather powerful and equip armies. You would think that they would never forget about what God has done for them and teach their heirs about this loving and awesome God but.....they didn't.  It makes me realize that it is not a given if you grow up in the church, have a strong family that believes in God, and do all the right things that you have actually taught your children how to be one of God's servants.  My kids, my 2 year old kids, are constantly reminding me to pray and ask me questions about Jesus.  I wonder if God had not put this fascination into their heads if I would actively be explaining Jesus to my kids.  It is not just about our salvation but the salvation of the generations that follow.
My kids have taught me a great lesson never stop talking about the bible with your kids.   

Friday, October 14, 2011

I am Moses! Not the part where I delived millions from bondage......

On Wednesdays our church has a fabulous bible study that I attend. We have been studying every book in the bible (over the next 3 years) which is how long I am going to TRY and stay home with the girls.  As all of you can tell staying at home is really fun but has been a challenge. The fact is that I cannot stand the moments where I have nothing to do or nowhere to be. I am a social ADHD person!
Anyways back to the me being like Moses part,  in Exodus we leaned about how Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery.  He spoke for God, told of the plauges that were going to salvage the land, prepared the people for the Passover, gave the 10 commandments, was going to lead them to the promise land, lead the people across the Nile, ect ect ect..... Pretty cool dude but I have noticed that I have a lot in common with him right now. I know I am pretty amazing right....(not really the cool part of the story of Moses though) 
The background info:
 Moses was an Isrealite that was found floating in the river by an Egyptian princess and raised like royalty.  He had everything he wanted and was looked upon as someone who was worthy and a leader.  One day he saw an Egyptian soldier beating a man and in rage of seeing his own kind beaten kills the soldier.  He knows he must flee from Egypt or be killed.  He wonders in the desert as a Shepard for 40 years...  During these 40 years he is humbled and grows closer to God. 
Realating to me part:
No I did not kill anyone but, I did go from a position of importance and authority to a Shepard of my own children.  I felt like Moses the Egyptian when I was teaching.  Kids, parents, and society as a whole regards their teacher as a type of royalty.  Those who make shit wages but love seeing the success of their students and knowing that they are giving them the tools they need for a successful life.  When you teach you feel a great deal of responsibility and pride for your craft.  It defines you, it shapes you, and it gives you a never ending challenge to do more.  Moses right?!?!?! Then I made a decision, the right one, but a very hard one to give up all that I had to stay at home.  Moses stood up to the Egyptian soldier and killed him.  He became a nobody in the desert looking over his flock.  I became Mom who stayed at home and raised my kids (most of the time just making sure they do not kill themselves or each other).  I have been greatly humbled by my experience and have learned that there is greater success in the desert doing the mundane and boring tasks rather than being in Egypt and in a respected powerful position.  It has defined me and drew me closer to my children and God.  It has also taught me that your greatest success' in life are not always those that others can see but those that you notice everyday. Just like Audrey sitting shoulder to shoulder with me the whole time I wrote this and pretended to read as I wrote.  Love, true love, miracles, true miracles.
My wondering in the desert is not going to be easy, it is not where I am comfortable, but it is who I am and what is going to be an amazing experience.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I wanna kick her in the face!!!!!!

The other day I decided to be a FANTASTIC Mommy and take my kids to the park for a picnic!  Now, for me, a picnic means that we get take out and sit at the park and eat.  I am not about to pack a lunch and eat it at the park.  Picnics are supposed to be fun not work right????

I get to the park with Taco Bell in hand and a few sodas  (I really do not give my kids soda except every once in a while but this was one of those what the hell days).  At the table next to me is a mom that has made her kids pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, and what looked to be homemade cookies (not to mention the the chocolate milk in an insulated thermos).  This B even brought REAL plates and silverware.  Okay now I feel like crappy poo as I am porking down my yummy chicken burrito and Diet Pepsi.
After we choke down our burritos and soda we go to play. The kids are having a fantastic time and I am playing right along side them sliding down the slide and playing tic-tac-toe.  I spy, out of the corner on my eye, mom of the year sanitizing her kids hands and heading over to the playground area. Right before the kids get onto the equipment she reads the rules sign (for real the rules sign that is up in every park) and they discuss the rules.  Not only does she do that but she also sprays her kids down with sunscreen.  Yep I feel like crap now.......

Mom of the year even goes to the extent of singing the ABC's while sliding, counting to 100 while swinging, and singing every annoying song in the book.  Mom of the year is having a good ole time....  I decide that I have had enough and it is nap time so I load up the kids to go home.  With a little bit of whining my kids get to the car and all strapped in.  I of course see that mom of the year is leaving as well so I watch to see what marvelous thing she does when leaving.  With the windows down and pretending to look for something in my car I hear her oldest child, probably four, yell, "NO NO NO I NO GO HOME."  If in her position I would have grabbed my kids that was screaming and walk them to the car but no not mom of the year.  She bends down to whispers in the kids ear and............

The kids slaps the poo out of her and  calls her a B**CH!!!

Moral of the story:  You might think you are better than everybody else with your fancy picnic and games but even you kid knows you are a show off B!!!!!! HAHAHA! 

By the way if you are like the Mom in the park.....Sorry!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cleaning the potty!

Mondays are for cleaning.  I thought since we have a way bigger house than before it would never get dirty.  How in Gods green earth could so much space get dirty right???  FALSE! It gets dirtier than my little 800 sq foot house in KS did.  Four toilets take a lot of time to clean.  Not to mention the kids bathtub....That brings me to bath toys.  The NASTIEST thing in your house hands down.  It is worse than the greasiest shit your kids could possibly take when you only have one baby wipe left. I think I am buying stock in bleach!   

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Pros and Cons!

At 6::20 this morning Adam and I heard a ka thud from upstairs.  I was hoping it was our ghost (the one Adam does not believe in that opens doors and talks through the baby monitor) but it was Audrey waking up and going into Addison's room.....My day has begun.  I know everyone with a "real" job is saying, "So what that's what time I go to work."  Yea and once upon a time I had a job too.  So this brings me to my reason of my blog this morning, what are the pros and cons of staying at home. 
A little note of caution.  Someone messaged me on Facebook and told me that I  was a disgrace to all stay at home Moms and that I should appreciate the opportunity more and that I should stop writing about all the bad stuff (this is of course summarized and paraphrased)......bla bla bla......As with most of my blogs I will not b.s. you I am a pretty upfront and honest person which may come across as bitchy and ungrateful.  If you think I am either than don't read my blog.  But, if you can handle the truth, the real truth, read on!!!
The Cons:
-Number 1 CON cleaning.  I have never had to clean so freaking much in my life EVER!!!  when I was working I did not have to clean near as much but now I dedicate hours of my life to the mundane task of scrubbing toilets and cleaning up after meals...  YUCK
-Don't you hate the people at work that cry and complain about everything????  Well I have that 24-7.  Mommy sister stole my......Mommy I want more......Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.........You get the drift.  Of course they cannot get their own milk and wipe their own butt and I do not mind doing this things but everything is so dramatic... Every little tiny problem is like the world has collapsed and we are all stuck gasping for air and space!
- The wake up call.  They need to make an alarm clock that screams six different things that prepares you for parenthood. 1) MOMMY (simple enough but annoying at 6 a.m.) 2) My nose is runny Mommy!! 3) I need to go PEE PEE now 4) WAAAAAAAAAA 5) Mommy I wake! 6) Daddy's gone to work I start my day (what Addison said to me this morning:)  If they could just wake up and sing good morning Mommy into the monitor I would buy them the 12,000$ backyard princess castle they want!
-I now talk like a three year old all the time.  I called my OB the other day to reschedule my sono and I caught myself saying,"You're such a good girl honey" to her.  Explain that one away!!!!
-MAX AND F-ING RUBY.... Of course even if I worked outside of the home I would have to deal with this shitty excuse for a kids show but i would not have to watch it as often as I do....  Ruby why are you so bossy, where are your parents, Max why are your language skills so minimal, how can you be seven and ride the bus by yourself, and why do you always have the SAME freaking plot?????????

The GOOD: (now idiot loser that told me I was too negitive read this!!!!)
-Kisses!!!!  I get thousands of kisses a day and at the most random times too.  I love that my kids love my and that I can make their day and they make mine with just a simple kiss!
-They tell me when they want me to laugh by saying "Mommy I being silly laugh please" How stinking cute is this!!!!
-How excited they get when they talk about stuff. I get to see it at least ten times a day.  Today so far we have laughed three times (I mean hysterically laughed).  Audrey and Addison were dancing to their favorite song, Country Girl Shake it for Me, and they were giggling and dancing and running around! Audrey was playing peek a boo behind the couch and jumping up at whoever passed by.  One time she jumped up and let out a toot.  It was a peek a toot!!!!  Addison telling me she fell out of my tummy and she wants to go back in!!!
-The way they play.  Dang these girls have some imaginiation and I love seeing it!  They play like they are mommies taking care of babies and that they are dinosaurs ect...  I know it is stupid but I could watch them play for hours on end and think that i have just watched 5 years of Soap Operas!

All in all I think that anyone that tells you that this job is easy is a show off, liar, and an idiot but I promise having this opportunity to stay at home is the BEST feeling in the world and well worth the hard work!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its a Twin Thing!

A friend told me last week that a woman was adamantly trying to convince her that Irish twins (born less than a year apart was just like having twins.  While I will NOT argue that Irish twins would be hard I beg to differ that it is like twins.  Look at the logistics.  Irish twins are usually a good 10 months apart.  A ten month old child is usually sleeping through the night, can sit up, crawl, hold their own bottle, eat a few solids, and have somewhat of a schedule. Twins on the other hand: you have to log urine and feces or you will forget who did what, hold 2 squirmy kids at a time, try to feel two babies at a time, burping two babies, trying to get two babies on the same sleep and eat schedule,  and having to do everything double.  Now I know I am going to piss a lot of people off with them saying, "well my kids are ____ months/years apart and I have to do this and that.......  Believe me I understand and sympathize and i know there are many a Mom that would tell me well try 3, 4, 5 kids before you start telling me that twins are harder......  Mother of twins will agree you never know what it is like till you have them.  IT IS DIFFERENT!!!!!

Now I do have a BIG blessing and my kids are A STINKING MAZING but here are some crazy twin stories:
The girls have had a race counting to 30.  Addison is a little faster and Audrey tends to slip numbers to catch up.  The other day Addison hit her sister and said, " You no said 18 you no beat me.  You cheat." 
"Mommy Addison my big sister?"  ""Yes she is"  "Mommy sister fat?"  " No Honey you are the same."  "no mommy sister BIG."  (maybe I should have said older....)
"My poo poo is bigger that Audrey's."
Cars.....No Dora......No Cars.....No Dora!!!!  Someone is always going to be pissed!!!!
Apparently you can only check out one of the same title books out at the library so we are constantly fighting  over who gets what book.
Audrey told me last night "Mim loves me more that Addison."  I quickly told her no that Mim loved them the same.  Audrey quickly replied back.  " Mim love me more she sleep in my bed no Addison's"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some People Should not Have Kids.....says the B at Joann's Fabric!

Some days are better than others....As with any kid, but when you have twins some days are WONDERFUL and some days down right suck!  They feed off each others frustrations and nagging.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I am now clam enough to recant the horridness that was yesterday.
I have decided to take on a new hobby....sewing..... I know it is kinda geeky but hey it's fun and relaxing.  I went to Joann's to look at some stuff and ohhh and ahh at all the things I believe that I can do.  I was walking by the embroidery machines and a lady stopped me and asked me if I wanted to try it out.  I thought why the heck not try the 2000$ machine that I will never buy!  I sat down and typed AABBCC on the computerized screen and watched at amazement as it came out.  During my amazement, out of the corner of my eye, I see Audrey wandering away.......  I sat Addison in the seat at the sewing machine and went to chase Audrey. Of course as always something tragic happens, Audrey falls and scrapes her knee, and is screaming the top of her lungs..... When I catch up to her and try to help her she looks up at me and says, "No Mommy, no hit me!!!!" Are you kidding me I have never hit her!!!! That little actress.  If that was not embarrassing enough Addison, sitting at the sewing machine, has typed in her own letters and pressed the button to start the embroidery.  The letters come out clear as day FUC........... The idiot woman gasps in fear (as if my 2 year old kid knew she typed a dirty) and under her breath says, "Some people should not be able to have kids."
I scooped up my kids and left the store in tears.  In my mind I wish I would have smacked the FUC out of that horrible woman! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drink a Little Drink Smoke a Little Smoke

Why is it no matter how crappy you day is, how sick the kids are, how whiny, how little they eat, or how tired you  are of singing freaking Old McDonald the last five minutes of the day are AMAZING!  Crawling into bed to cuddle my kiddos, say our prayers, and giving night night kisses is the best feeling in the world.  Do not get me wrong I love my alone time at night where I can watch my trash shows and hang out with Adam but I almost don't want them to go to bed. 
It is the really small things in life that mean the most. The mundane every day things that really add up to something special.  Audrey does not like change and is afraid of absolutely everything.  She woke up the other night scream saying that she was scared.  I asked her why and she said Jesus in here Mommy I scared! Even getting a blade of grass on her feet, an ant getting to close, or her napkin too dirty sends her into panic mode but, today, Audrey went down the big slide at McDonalds all by herself.  I was beaming with pride!  My little girl who is scared of EVERYTHING went down the BIG slide!!!!!  How cool is that??!?!?!?!! Small things like after the girls bath I cut their bangs!  My kids, my kids my little bald babies actually had enough hair to cut.  They were bald for almost two years and I cut their bangs!  Every step of the way, every little thing, I beam with pride! 
In Elementary my favorite thing was going to the lake with my Dad.  We lived up the Canyon (less than a mile) from the boat dock.  Sometimes my Dad would come home from work on a Tuesday and randomly hook up the boat, come and get us, and takes us out.  Sometimes we would ski, sometimes we would fish, and sometimes we would just ride but it was the BEST thing in the world! As I got older and moved away to PAMPA freakin Texas I enjoyed going shopping and hanging out with my friends.  College I loved going out at night and dancing (hence the title of this post).  Teaching it was the way I felt as my head hit the pillow and i had the satisfaction of knowing that I had taught a kid something!  Now, it is the way I feel when my little buggers accomplish something new and exciting. 
Kids really do become the center of your universe. The reason you get up at 2, 3, 4 in the morning because of feedings or nightmares.  The reason that it takes 45 minutes to go to Walgreen's instead of the normal 10 min trip because you have to get the kids ready, buckle them in, and then deal with them in the store.  It is the reason God put me here on this earth to raise my beautiful, amazing girls. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sookies a Fairy and I'm Still Watching This???

I, for some unknown reason, LOVE True Blood....  It is the most ridiculous and unrealistic pile of poo on TV.  But.....nonetheless I love it.  I have found a little something in common with each of them which makes it all the more fun.
Sookie Stackhouse:  The hopeless romantic!  Sookie falls head over hills for whomever she's dating but tries to pretend that she does not put up with their shit.  I am the same way with Adam head over heels but with a crazy hard exterior that will PRETEND to not put up with anything! It is so hard not to give into someone you are madly in love with!
Eric:  HOT HOT HOT I am just that good looking!  HAHAHA just kidding.  Eric will say one thing and do it BUT he will do it his own way!!!  I will totally agree to do one thing, do it, but in my own way.  I have done this since I was a kid.  I would tell my Mom that I would clean my room and clean it but I would stuff half the junk under my bed or in my closet. It was visibly clean right!!!!
Jason Stackhouse: An idiot!  I will believe anything that I am told no matter how bazaar.  I feel kinda stupid when people tell me it is a joke or not true because I believe it whole heatedly.  I remember being told that if you fart under the covers and then smell it that you will get carbon monoxide poisoning and I would lose brain cells and eventually motor control.  Now I was in the 2nd grade but still to this day if I fart in bed I still wonder hummmmm am I slowly dumbing myself down with each stinky blow????!!!!  
Well the show is getting good Sookie, Eric, and Bill are going to fight the witches that can make them walk in the daylight sweet!Laterz!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Knife to the Eye!

I hate, hate, hate, and even despise the mundane day to day house work!!!  Find me a woman who loves to clean nonstop, pick up toys all day long, and scrub the soap scum out of the shower and I WILL give her my life savings to teach me how to like it.  Wait, nevermind my mother-in-law LOVES all of the above. Honestly! HAHAHA!  I think I would really rather be stabbed in the eye than ever having to clean my house again!  Do not get me wrong I have a ridiculously clean house.  I do my job well and I love the end result but every time I pick up the iron to iron Adam's pants or clean the toilet I build up a level of frustration toward my job.  NO matter what I will have to scrub, vacuum, and dust the same stuff next week.  I wonder why I ever bought anything 100% cotton.  I think of my role as more of a drone than a rewarding career as homemaker. Adam has a very successful career and does an amazing job at work.  He also receives the benefits of more projects, praise, and recognition.  I clean the shit stain in the toilet and the reward I get........A clean pot to put more streaks in.  I watch my mother in action and I am in awe of her.  She gets such satisfaction out of cooking and dressing my Dad. It is a true happiness she receives being of service to my Dad and (Alex and I when we were young).  I want to bottle her happiness and shoot it up every time I get out the ironing board.
Speaking of my mother:   
I do not understand how most of our mothers actually did it.  Think about it..... There was no SOAP Network, Facebook, Words with Friends, DVD players, animated toys, MP3 players, and not even DVR's!!!!!  My Mom would probably say the same about her parents generation as well but how how how did she do it!!!  I feel as if I sit on the couch and watch the kids play all day that I can litterally feel my tush grow.  With this said I have come up with some pretty creative ideas to do with the girls and found tons of FREE stuff which is even better but I still find that at the end of the day I have ran a marathon on the tredmill!  There was no point A and B it is all just to keep the kids occupied and happy so they don't kill eachother or drive me to the insane asylum.  I need some good meds I think I am the true definition of ADHD.  Do all stay at home Moms feel this way???  Are we all putting on the smiles?????  Am I the the only one???? 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Mommy Stats

I have decided to start a blog not knowing if anyone will read or if I will ever keep track of it either.  I am pretty bad at starting stuff and not finishing it i.e. the laundry that is sitting in the dryer right now calling my name to be folded.  My hope is that it will be an outlet to all my craziness that happens day to day that most stay at home moms can relate to. Most people do not have the fortunate opportunity to stay at home with their kids and see them grow and mold into little people.  I want to help shape and create their lives.  I want them to have rich memories of a childhood where Mommy was there every step of the way.  I want to give my kids all the opportunities and outlets for creativity that I can expose them to during the little time I have them before Kindergarten.  Not everyone is forwarded these opportunities and as of May I was not either but, my husband landed a great job through all of his hard work that would financially provide for this opportunity.

Which brings me to my 1st stat 1:  The number of incomes that are supporting our family.  In some rather dumb ways this is very important to me.  I have always priding myself in the ability to provide.  I want to know that I am worth something and that I can make my own path in this world.  I hold pride in the fact that I obtained my Masters and Undergrad in 4 years.  I did an amazing job providing for my family while my husband was at school (we were also blessed with generous family as well who helped when we needed it).  I know that I have put my paycheck on hold to do something for my kids that nobody else would ever be able to give them but, I feel a little worthless in a sense.  Now I know every stay at home mom would argue that my job is worth more than any other job and that I am the one who makes the home run and function.  Well why it is VERY true the number scares me nonetheless!
2:  This is the biggest number in my life!!!!  2 kids, 2 years old, 2 car seat, 2 eyes that try to watch them at every second, and most importantly for my sanity 2 hour naps!!!!!  My kids are the 2 best things that have ever happened to me without a doubt!  IT IS HARD AND CRAZY but I would never trade these 2 beautiful girls for the world!  The girls in utero developed a rare disorder that usually (80% of the time) ends in mortality.  The girls had twin to twin transfusion syndrome that developed later on in my pregnancy.  We did not know that they had it unfortunately until after they were born.  If I would not have peed my pants at 2 in the morning I would have never gone to the hospital that night and might not have had been induced.  I am so so so so so so so blessed to have both of my kiddos alive and healthy!  I will truly never be able to thank God enough for my girls.  
3 the number of days all my teacher friends have been back at work planning for the new school year and the number of times I have been brought to tears because of the back to school aisle at Target.  That really was my favorite part of the year.  I love the smell of new supplies, unopened and unused notebooks in the traditional 5 colors, and all the points still on the crayons.  Plus it was the only time all year my room was EVER clean!  I miss you guys a lot and who knows what I'll be like when the kids flood the halls next week and I am not there to see it.
Last but not least 4 the number of pounds I have gained since I have stayed at home.  UGGG I stare at my kids eating all day long and all I want to do is join in!!!!  Hopefully this stat will disappear soon!

Well as Dora draws to an end so do I.  In the words of the bilingual annoying little girl and ridiculous talking monkey friend: Thanks for helping ADIOS!