Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its a Twin Thing!

A friend told me last week that a woman was adamantly trying to convince her that Irish twins (born less than a year apart was just like having twins.  While I will NOT argue that Irish twins would be hard I beg to differ that it is like twins.  Look at the logistics.  Irish twins are usually a good 10 months apart.  A ten month old child is usually sleeping through the night, can sit up, crawl, hold their own bottle, eat a few solids, and have somewhat of a schedule. Twins on the other hand: you have to log urine and feces or you will forget who did what, hold 2 squirmy kids at a time, try to feel two babies at a time, burping two babies, trying to get two babies on the same sleep and eat schedule,  and having to do everything double.  Now I know I am going to piss a lot of people off with them saying, "well my kids are ____ months/years apart and I have to do this and that.......  Believe me I understand and sympathize and i know there are many a Mom that would tell me well try 3, 4, 5 kids before you start telling me that twins are harder......  Mother of twins will agree you never know what it is like till you have them.  IT IS DIFFERENT!!!!!

Now I do have a BIG blessing and my kids are A STINKING MAZING but here are some crazy twin stories:
The girls have had a race counting to 30.  Addison is a little faster and Audrey tends to slip numbers to catch up.  The other day Addison hit her sister and said, " You no said 18 you no beat me.  You cheat." 
"Mommy Addison my big sister?"  ""Yes she is"  "Mommy sister fat?"  " No Honey you are the same."  "no mommy sister BIG."  (maybe I should have said older....)
"My poo poo is bigger that Audrey's."
Cars.....No Dora......No Cars.....No Dora!!!!  Someone is always going to be pissed!!!!
Apparently you can only check out one of the same title books out at the library so we are constantly fighting  over who gets what book.
Audrey told me last night "Mim loves me more that Addison."  I quickly told her no that Mim loved them the same.  Audrey quickly replied back.  " Mim love me more she sleep in my bed no Addison's"

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