Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Pros and Cons!

At 6::20 this morning Adam and I heard a ka thud from upstairs.  I was hoping it was our ghost (the one Adam does not believe in that opens doors and talks through the baby monitor) but it was Audrey waking up and going into Addison's room.....My day has begun.  I know everyone with a "real" job is saying, "So what that's what time I go to work."  Yea and once upon a time I had a job too.  So this brings me to my reason of my blog this morning, what are the pros and cons of staying at home. 
A little note of caution.  Someone messaged me on Facebook and told me that I  was a disgrace to all stay at home Moms and that I should appreciate the opportunity more and that I should stop writing about all the bad stuff (this is of course summarized and paraphrased)......bla bla bla......As with most of my blogs I will not b.s. you I am a pretty upfront and honest person which may come across as bitchy and ungrateful.  If you think I am either than don't read my blog.  But, if you can handle the truth, the real truth, read on!!!
The Cons:
-Number 1 CON cleaning.  I have never had to clean so freaking much in my life EVER!!!  when I was working I did not have to clean near as much but now I dedicate hours of my life to the mundane task of scrubbing toilets and cleaning up after meals...  YUCK
-Don't you hate the people at work that cry and complain about everything????  Well I have that 24-7.  Mommy sister stole my......Mommy I want more......Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.........You get the drift.  Of course they cannot get their own milk and wipe their own butt and I do not mind doing this things but everything is so dramatic... Every little tiny problem is like the world has collapsed and we are all stuck gasping for air and space!
- The wake up call.  They need to make an alarm clock that screams six different things that prepares you for parenthood. 1) MOMMY (simple enough but annoying at 6 a.m.) 2) My nose is runny Mommy!! 3) I need to go PEE PEE now 4) WAAAAAAAAAA 5) Mommy I wake! 6) Daddy's gone to work I start my day (what Addison said to me this morning:)  If they could just wake up and sing good morning Mommy into the monitor I would buy them the 12,000$ backyard princess castle they want!
-I now talk like a three year old all the time.  I called my OB the other day to reschedule my sono and I caught myself saying,"You're such a good girl honey" to her.  Explain that one away!!!!
-MAX AND F-ING RUBY.... Of course even if I worked outside of the home I would have to deal with this shitty excuse for a kids show but i would not have to watch it as often as I do....  Ruby why are you so bossy, where are your parents, Max why are your language skills so minimal, how can you be seven and ride the bus by yourself, and why do you always have the SAME freaking plot?????????

The GOOD: (now idiot loser that told me I was too negitive read this!!!!)
-Kisses!!!!  I get thousands of kisses a day and at the most random times too.  I love that my kids love my and that I can make their day and they make mine with just a simple kiss!
-They tell me when they want me to laugh by saying "Mommy I being silly laugh please" How stinking cute is this!!!!
-How excited they get when they talk about stuff. I get to see it at least ten times a day.  Today so far we have laughed three times (I mean hysterically laughed).  Audrey and Addison were dancing to their favorite song, Country Girl Shake it for Me, and they were giggling and dancing and running around! Audrey was playing peek a boo behind the couch and jumping up at whoever passed by.  One time she jumped up and let out a toot.  It was a peek a toot!!!!  Addison telling me she fell out of my tummy and she wants to go back in!!!
-The way they play.  Dang these girls have some imaginiation and I love seeing it!  They play like they are mommies taking care of babies and that they are dinosaurs ect...  I know it is stupid but I could watch them play for hours on end and think that i have just watched 5 years of Soap Operas!

All in all I think that anyone that tells you that this job is easy is a show off, liar, and an idiot but I promise having this opportunity to stay at home is the BEST feeling in the world and well worth the hard work!

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