Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sookies a Fairy and I'm Still Watching This???

I, for some unknown reason, LOVE True Blood....  It is the most ridiculous and unrealistic pile of poo on TV.  But.....nonetheless I love it.  I have found a little something in common with each of them which makes it all the more fun.
Sookie Stackhouse:  The hopeless romantic!  Sookie falls head over hills for whomever she's dating but tries to pretend that she does not put up with their shit.  I am the same way with Adam head over heels but with a crazy hard exterior that will PRETEND to not put up with anything! It is so hard not to give into someone you are madly in love with!
Eric:  HOT HOT HOT I am just that good looking!  HAHAHA just kidding.  Eric will say one thing and do it BUT he will do it his own way!!!  I will totally agree to do one thing, do it, but in my own way.  I have done this since I was a kid.  I would tell my Mom that I would clean my room and clean it but I would stuff half the junk under my bed or in my closet. It was visibly clean right!!!!
Jason Stackhouse: An idiot!  I will believe anything that I am told no matter how bazaar.  I feel kinda stupid when people tell me it is a joke or not true because I believe it whole heatedly.  I remember being told that if you fart under the covers and then smell it that you will get carbon monoxide poisoning and I would lose brain cells and eventually motor control.  Now I was in the 2nd grade but still to this day if I fart in bed I still wonder hummmmm am I slowly dumbing myself down with each stinky blow????!!!!  
Well the show is getting good Sookie, Eric, and Bill are going to fight the witches that can make them walk in the daylight sweet!Laterz!

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