Friday, February 3, 2012

Total Randomness you Might Like!

I have lots of total random thoughts during he day that obviously I cannot share with 2 year olds.  I often get distracted before I can call Steph and tell her all my random thoughts and by the time Adam gets home, well lets just admit it, my sanity is not all there!  The thoughts cannot be shared on Facebook because I hate when people babble about random stupid stuff on Facebook. So those of you reading this probably care to hear about my random weird thoughts so lets begin~
Randomness #1 
Staying at home I have been able to (or forced to watch because there is absolutely nada on tv) watch show like Kim and Kourtney take New York.  I admit I did not watch all the episode but caught 2-3 of them this week.  I must say going into I was thinking I was going to roll my eyes and say "Kim is a spoiled brat who has no idea what real life is like."  To be fair she really does not have a "real life." Watching her marriage to Kris Humphries was absolutely torturous.  She really got wrapped up in the fairy tale wedding and did not know the man she was marrying.  She was really mean to him by actually admitting her feelings on TV and saying the stuff she did behind his back BUT I respect the fact that she admitted fault and admitted she jumped in too quickly and got way to wrapped up in what she thought her marriage was going to look like.  I think this happens A lot especially with college age girls.  They want to get married and start the cute little life with a picket fence and 2.5 kids but do not take a real good look at the man they are choosing to spend their life with.  Kris on the other hand I thought was a really nice guy.  There was some stuff that he was a butt about but lets admit it he is a man and men tend to do dumb stuff sometimes!  I feel bad that he was mocked for his Christianity and had no idea that the divorce was coming.  Poor guy!  I just wish people would step back and take in the whole picture of marriage before they jump in! My verdict is that this was not for TV and rating but that it was a sad sad look into American marriages now a days.
Randomness #2
Peoples opinions on stay at home moms vs. working moms.  Come on neither side is right or wrong.  I worked for the first 2 years of the girls life and let me tell you working and having kids is hard... really hard....  You feel guilty dropping your kids off at daycare and you are exhausted when you get home.  Working moms have it pretty tough.  Your kids grow up so fast and you only get to see portions of it.  Being a teacher does have its benefits because there is an 8 week period you get to be a stay at home mommy.  Now being a stay at home mom has its drawbacks too.  I get to spend everyday with my kids and see them grow but some days I just want to escape and go to work even if it is for a few hours.  Stay at home moms desire the feeling of "work."  Now stay at home moms correct me if I'm wrong but you have to have some pretty high self esteem to feel relevant staying at home.  I have had my days where I feel like a hamster in a cage spinning round and round!  Yikes!  Both working moms and stay at home moms are awesome jobs as long as you love your kids!
Randomness #3
People who pick their nose in the car.  I CAN SEE YOU!!!  Why cant people just wait until they are home to go digging for that golden treasure.  Pick it on the pot, pick it on the couch, pick it in your backyard I do not care just do not pick it in the car because as previously stated I CAN SEE YOU!!!!!
Randomness #4
Politics and Jesus.....  you might think that these 2 are totally unrelated and you right! This is what bothers me!  Leaders of our country should be prayerful about their decisions and laws.  I am not saying there are no Christians in congress but I am saying that the public does not see it.  Do they pray before do they tell the people they are praying for guidance and making the right We are so politically correct in this country and we forget that we are here to serve a God and our mission in life is to live as Jesus did.  Jesus prayed about every decision and choice he made.  He confided in God and he was guided by him .  Jesus is the best leader of all time yet I do not see his example he left behind being followed by our government. 
Randomness #5
Ladies do not wear high heels whan you take your kids to the park...really who does that!

Have a great day!