Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Lessons our Children Teach Us

Addison gives the best hugs!!!!  The ABSOLUTE best hugs one could ever fathom.  She wraps her arms around you like you have saved her life from the big bad wolf.  Sadly I sometimes forget that these hugs are so precious and their the love behind them is pure and full of warmth. The other day Addison was playing with my rolling pin in the living room.  I have told her a million times not to play with it and that it is heavy and will give her a big boo boo. As she went to give me my rolling pin it dropped on my foot with great force.  I jumped, yelped, and sat on the floor grabbing my foot in agony.  I was mad, mad, mad... really kid... how many times have I taken the rolling pin away from you and now you drop it on my toe.  Out of the corner of my eye I see Addi coming to me wrapping her arms around me and saying, "I sorry Mommy, your foot be better soon I hug you."
How often we forget that the love of a child will heal all wombs.

We found out this week at our little Audrey is allergic to everything.  Really everything.  Her blood tests revealed that she was allergic to wheat, eggs, and milk.  And this was just her food allergies.  I felt so bad that all this time we were causing her pain by feeding her food she was allergic to.  Talk about breaking a mothers heart.  I took the girls to Whole Foods in an attempt to get her some snacks that replace the usual cookies and crackers.  I made a big deal out of the new foods and told them it was Fancy Nancy food.  Audrey ate it up and declared," Mommy this is better than candy!" You would have thought I bought her a bike!
We seldom realize that the small things mean the world to our kiddos.  

In the book of Judges the Israelites are running around the Promise Land happy, peaceful, and following a loving God..... Well at least for the first 20 verses anyways.  Then Joshua dies as does the generation that follows.  All of a sudden the Isrealites have forgotten all that the Lord has done for them like delivering them from bondage, giving them the promise land, living amongst them in the tabernacle, and keeping them safe in times of war even though they were up against rather powerful and equip armies. You would think that they would never forget about what God has done for them and teach their heirs about this loving and awesome God but.....they didn't.  It makes me realize that it is not a given if you grow up in the church, have a strong family that believes in God, and do all the right things that you have actually taught your children how to be one of God's servants.  My kids, my 2 year old kids, are constantly reminding me to pray and ask me questions about Jesus.  I wonder if God had not put this fascination into their heads if I would actively be explaining Jesus to my kids.  It is not just about our salvation but the salvation of the generations that follow.
My kids have taught me a great lesson never stop talking about the bible with your kids.   

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