Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drink a Little Drink Smoke a Little Smoke

Why is it no matter how crappy you day is, how sick the kids are, how whiny, how little they eat, or how tired you  are of singing freaking Old McDonald the last five minutes of the day are AMAZING!  Crawling into bed to cuddle my kiddos, say our prayers, and giving night night kisses is the best feeling in the world.  Do not get me wrong I love my alone time at night where I can watch my trash shows and hang out with Adam but I almost don't want them to go to bed. 
It is the really small things in life that mean the most. The mundane every day things that really add up to something special.  Audrey does not like change and is afraid of absolutely everything.  She woke up the other night scream saying that she was scared.  I asked her why and she said Jesus in here Mommy I scared! Even getting a blade of grass on her feet, an ant getting to close, or her napkin too dirty sends her into panic mode but, today, Audrey went down the big slide at McDonalds all by herself.  I was beaming with pride!  My little girl who is scared of EVERYTHING went down the BIG slide!!!!!  How cool is that??!?!?!?!! Small things like after the girls bath I cut their bangs!  My kids, my kids my little bald babies actually had enough hair to cut.  They were bald for almost two years and I cut their bangs!  Every step of the way, every little thing, I beam with pride! 
In Elementary my favorite thing was going to the lake with my Dad.  We lived up the Canyon (less than a mile) from the boat dock.  Sometimes my Dad would come home from work on a Tuesday and randomly hook up the boat, come and get us, and takes us out.  Sometimes we would ski, sometimes we would fish, and sometimes we would just ride but it was the BEST thing in the world! As I got older and moved away to PAMPA freakin Texas I enjoyed going shopping and hanging out with my friends.  College I loved going out at night and dancing (hence the title of this post).  Teaching it was the way I felt as my head hit the pillow and i had the satisfaction of knowing that I had taught a kid something!  Now, it is the way I feel when my little buggers accomplish something new and exciting. 
Kids really do become the center of your universe. The reason you get up at 2, 3, 4 in the morning because of feedings or nightmares.  The reason that it takes 45 minutes to go to Walgreen's instead of the normal 10 min trip because you have to get the kids ready, buckle them in, and then deal with them in the store.  It is the reason God put me here on this earth to raise my beautiful, amazing girls. 

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