Friday, October 14, 2011

I am Moses! Not the part where I delived millions from bondage......

On Wednesdays our church has a fabulous bible study that I attend. We have been studying every book in the bible (over the next 3 years) which is how long I am going to TRY and stay home with the girls.  As all of you can tell staying at home is really fun but has been a challenge. The fact is that I cannot stand the moments where I have nothing to do or nowhere to be. I am a social ADHD person!
Anyways back to the me being like Moses part,  in Exodus we leaned about how Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery.  He spoke for God, told of the plauges that were going to salvage the land, prepared the people for the Passover, gave the 10 commandments, was going to lead them to the promise land, lead the people across the Nile, ect ect ect..... Pretty cool dude but I have noticed that I have a lot in common with him right now. I know I am pretty amazing right....(not really the cool part of the story of Moses though) 
The background info:
 Moses was an Isrealite that was found floating in the river by an Egyptian princess and raised like royalty.  He had everything he wanted and was looked upon as someone who was worthy and a leader.  One day he saw an Egyptian soldier beating a man and in rage of seeing his own kind beaten kills the soldier.  He knows he must flee from Egypt or be killed.  He wonders in the desert as a Shepard for 40 years...  During these 40 years he is humbled and grows closer to God. 
Realating to me part:
No I did not kill anyone but, I did go from a position of importance and authority to a Shepard of my own children.  I felt like Moses the Egyptian when I was teaching.  Kids, parents, and society as a whole regards their teacher as a type of royalty.  Those who make shit wages but love seeing the success of their students and knowing that they are giving them the tools they need for a successful life.  When you teach you feel a great deal of responsibility and pride for your craft.  It defines you, it shapes you, and it gives you a never ending challenge to do more.  Moses right?!?!?! Then I made a decision, the right one, but a very hard one to give up all that I had to stay at home.  Moses stood up to the Egyptian soldier and killed him.  He became a nobody in the desert looking over his flock.  I became Mom who stayed at home and raised my kids (most of the time just making sure they do not kill themselves or each other).  I have been greatly humbled by my experience and have learned that there is greater success in the desert doing the mundane and boring tasks rather than being in Egypt and in a respected powerful position.  It has defined me and drew me closer to my children and God.  It has also taught me that your greatest success' in life are not always those that others can see but those that you notice everyday. Just like Audrey sitting shoulder to shoulder with me the whole time I wrote this and pretended to read as I wrote.  Love, true love, miracles, true miracles.
My wondering in the desert is not going to be easy, it is not where I am comfortable, but it is who I am and what is going to be an amazing experience.

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