Sunday, August 14, 2011

Knife to the Eye!

I hate, hate, hate, and even despise the mundane day to day house work!!!  Find me a woman who loves to clean nonstop, pick up toys all day long, and scrub the soap scum out of the shower and I WILL give her my life savings to teach me how to like it.  Wait, nevermind my mother-in-law LOVES all of the above. Honestly! HAHAHA!  I think I would really rather be stabbed in the eye than ever having to clean my house again!  Do not get me wrong I have a ridiculously clean house.  I do my job well and I love the end result but every time I pick up the iron to iron Adam's pants or clean the toilet I build up a level of frustration toward my job.  NO matter what I will have to scrub, vacuum, and dust the same stuff next week.  I wonder why I ever bought anything 100% cotton.  I think of my role as more of a drone than a rewarding career as homemaker. Adam has a very successful career and does an amazing job at work.  He also receives the benefits of more projects, praise, and recognition.  I clean the shit stain in the toilet and the reward I get........A clean pot to put more streaks in.  I watch my mother in action and I am in awe of her.  She gets such satisfaction out of cooking and dressing my Dad. It is a true happiness she receives being of service to my Dad and (Alex and I when we were young).  I want to bottle her happiness and shoot it up every time I get out the ironing board.
Speaking of my mother:   
I do not understand how most of our mothers actually did it.  Think about it..... There was no SOAP Network, Facebook, Words with Friends, DVD players, animated toys, MP3 players, and not even DVR's!!!!!  My Mom would probably say the same about her parents generation as well but how how how did she do it!!!  I feel as if I sit on the couch and watch the kids play all day that I can litterally feel my tush grow.  With this said I have come up with some pretty creative ideas to do with the girls and found tons of FREE stuff which is even better but I still find that at the end of the day I have ran a marathon on the tredmill!  There was no point A and B it is all just to keep the kids occupied and happy so they don't kill eachother or drive me to the insane asylum.  I need some good meds I think I am the true definition of ADHD.  Do all stay at home Moms feel this way???  Are we all putting on the smiles?????  Am I the the only one???? 

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